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There is nothing worse than getting lockout out of your home or car in the middle of a dark, humid Tennessee night. Good Antioch Tennessee locksmith services can be hard to locate in an emergency if you don’t know the right people to call.

Fortunately, Armstrong locksmith service now serves the Antioch TN area with highly qualified locksmiths who have the technical know-how to help you regain entry into your home or car if you get locked out.

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Commercial Locksmith in Antioch Tn

We offer a number of locksmith services for the small businesses near Antioch TN including the creation of a Master Key or a Key Control system for your residence and the installation of an E-Plex lock series.

We can also repair most security systems and help you get into your business if you lose your key.


As a homeowner there is bound to be a time when you feel the need to change the locks on the door. If you’re lucky it may be because you’re remodeling and you bought a brand new, more elaborate lock that aesthetically appeals to you. Other times, however, you may feel the need to change the locks because of a local break-in or a feeling of insecurity.

Antioch Tennessee locksmith specialists at Armstrong can re-key your existing lock or replace your old deadbolt with a classy E-Plex Series lock that comes with its own keypad or even wireless or fingerprint deadbolts to add a technologically advanced weapon against future break-ins. And if you just need to get in to your home because you locked your key in your home, we can help you regain entry without breaking the current locks.

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It is more common than most think to get locked out of your vehicle. Without breaking the door mechanism or window it is hard to get into newer vehicles. Antioch Tennessee locksmith Armstrong locksmith service can help you to get into your car in time to get back to work or make it home before the kids starve while waiting for dinner. We can help you remove a broken key if yours broke off in the door lock, install ignition switches, rekey your car locks, and cut and program your Laser Cut Keys.

Armstrong Locksmith is a family-owned company that has been around the Nashville area for more than fifteen years. We can help you with any locksmith needs you may encounter with speedy service and top-quality craftsmanship. We serve Nashville and the surrounding areas including Antioch, Green Hills, Franklin, and Brentwood.

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Armstrong Locksmith is a family-owned Nashville locksmith company in Nashville Tennessee, We offer fast and affordable locksmith services in Nashville and surrounding areas. Our main storefront is located in south Nashville on Thompson lane.

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