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Transponder keys are devices that transmit a radio signal from your key fob to the computer in your car, called the Electronic Control Unit or ECU. This technology was created to increase your car’s security because the vehicle will not start if the computer does not recognize the signal from the key. Just like the password on your computer, the microchip in the transponder key must be properly programmed in order for the ECU to recognize it.

We offer onsite car key replacement 24/7,  for emergency or non-emergency service we will be here for you. 

Transponder Keys Columbus, OH

How much does a car replacement key cost?

The answer is not as straight forward as you may expect. Pricing starts at $75 but not all cars are created equal. Some variables to keep in mind are the age of the vehicle, older vehicles use less technology making the process simple. However, newer vehicles require skilled trained technicians plus expensive equipment. Let’s not forget about the distance, if you are stranded in a central area with easy access to a highway it will take less time for our tech to arrive and perform the service. And finally, if you contact us after hours you should expect a higher price, no matter which locksmith you call.  You can always count on Royal Locksmith.

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These are some reasons why your key may not work: 6 Reasons Why Your Remote Car Key Stopped Working and What to Do About It

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Transponder keys protect your car’s security with an electronic microchip that responds to a transmitter near your ignition switch. Sometimes called a chip key, it makes it almost impossible for a thief to steal your car. We can replace your transponder key, program a new key or install a new battery for less than a car dealer charges. Our expert technicians can provide prompt service to make sure you can start your car when you need it. We can replace lost, broken, or bent transponder keys. We use the same equipment that car dealerships use, but we do it for less. Our technicians can clone your key if you have one that we can copy. However, we can provide a blank and get the code that lets us program it. Call us at 614-598-6884 to get a key that can start your car. 

What is a transponder key for a car?

A transponder key is a type of automobile key that uses a radio frequency transmitter to communicate with the car’s ignition system. The purpose of the transponder key is to provide an extra level of security for the vehicle. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the transmitter sends a signal to a receiver in the car’s ignition system. If the signal from the key matches the code stored in the receiver, the car will start. If not, it will not start. Transponder keys are also sometimes referred to as “chip keys” or “RFID keys.”

Car Key Replacement

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