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Can’t get in? This is frustrating when you find yourself locked out of your house and have no extra keys to get back in. We are here to help. We will let you back in the house without damaging your locks, and if you have no keys we can make another key from scratch and match the rest of the house lock with the new key for just $15.00 extra for each lock.  Our prices and service are the best in Ohio and surrounding areas. Simply check our online reviews, and you will see hundreds of satisfied clients.

We are confident we can pick any residential and commercial lock without damaging the hardware. Rekeying will save you money compared to replacing a lock.
With one call or text, we can be there in 45 minutes or less to get you back in your house without damaging your door or locks. We are available 24/7.

Rekeying or Changing the Lock, What Should You Do?

Let us help you. Call or text us at 614-598-6884 or email us at

Columbus Residential Locksmith Services

All Locks Keyed Alike – One key for all locks for simplicity

Deadbolts – Added security and protection

Rekey All Locks – Reduced cost than buying all new hardware

Install All New Matching Handle Sets – Match the updated decor

High-security bump proof Residential Deadbolts

E-Plex Series Locks – Electronic locks and keypad devises

Offering extra home security tips and installing extra entry surface

Wireless and fingerprint deadbolt designed to protect your house


If you are moving into a new residence, whether new or previously owned, you need peace of mind knowing that you have the only keys to your doors. The residential locksmith experts at Royal can re-key existing locks or provide you with any style of new locksets & deadbolts. Call Royal Locksmith Columbus before you move in, and stop worrying about whom else has keys to your home. Re-keying or purchasing new locks is your first line of defense against home invasion.

Keep in mind that rekeying is less expensive than changing a lock. The reason is simple the price of the key pins and springs is cheaper, whereas replacing your lock you will mean getting all brand-new parts.

The next question you may have in mind is how much does it cost to rekey a lock? For this answer, plus many more, you will have to call our locksmith shop and schedule a service call.

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Royal Locksmith is a family-owned Columbus locksmith company in Columbus Ohio. We offer fast and affordable locksmith services in Columbus and surrounding areas. Our main storefront is located in Columbus Ohio.

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